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Can i Recover My Files? Sure. We guarantee that you can recover all of your files safely and easily! But You have to be fast!. How fast you will pay as fast all of your data will be back like before encryption.
To contact us:
Download the (Session) messengerinmessenger : 052d67fed3cb2564fc4fc57964192abdb255c11e442c5efa8af7a630bbc7578e79You have to add this Id and we will complete our converstion.
                                                             You have to pay for decryption in Bitcoin ONLY!
                                                                                 ATTENTION !!!

Your personal ID: 1218134A

Do not rename encrypted files, do not try to decrypt your data using third party software, it may permanent data loss.

We have been in your network for a long time. We know everything about your company most of your information has already been downloaded to our server. We recommend you to do not waste your time if you dont wont we start 2nd part.

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